20 common idioms and their meanings

here are 20 common idioms and their meanings:

  1. “Break a leg” – Good luck!
  2. “Bite the bullet” – To endure a painful or difficult situation with courage
  3. “Costs an arm and a leg” – Very expensive
  4. “Hit the nail on the head” – To do or say something exactly right
  5. “Let the cat out of the bag” – To reveal a secret
  6. “On the ball” – Alert and competent
  7. “Piece of cake” – Very easy
  8. “Under the weather” – Feeling sick or unwell
  9. “Wild goose chase” – A pointless or fruitless search or pursuit
  10. “Barking up the wrong tree” – To make a mistake in one’s assumptions or accusations
  11. “Break the ice” – To initiate conversation or interaction in a social setting
  12. “Cry over spilled milk” – To be upset over something that cannot be changed or undone
  13. “The ball is in your court” – It is your turn to take action or make a decision
  14. “Two peas in a pod” – Two people who are very similar or closely connected
  15. “Go the extra mile” – To make an additional effort beyond what is expected or required
  16. “Kill two birds with one stone” – To accomplish two things at once
  17. “A penny for your thoughts” – Asking someone what they are thinking
  18. “A blessing in disguise” – Something that seems bad at first but ends up being good
  19. “Actions speak louder than words” – What someone does is more important than what they say they will do
  20. “Beat around the bush” – To avoid directly addressing a topic or issue
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