A Dark Horse

Meaning and Usage

“A dark horse” is an idiomatic expression used to describe someone who is unknown or unexpected, but who may surprise others with their skills or abilities. It can also refer to a person or thing that is not well-known, but that could potentially be successful.


  • “She’s a real dark horse in the competition. No one knows much about her, but she’s been practicing for years and could easily win.”
  • “He’s a dark horse candidate in the election. He’s not well-known, but his ideas are resonating with voters.”
  • “The new employee turned out to be a dark horse. We weren’t sure if she would fit in, but she’s proven to be a valuable asset to the team.”


The phrase “a dark horse” is believed to have originated in the world of horse racing, where a dark-colored horse was sometimes difficult to see or predict in terms of performance. It was later used to describe politicians or candidates who were not well-known, but who could potentially win an election.


  • underdog
  • surprise contender
  • unknown quantity
  • wildcard
  • sleeper
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