A Dog in the Manger

Meaning and Usage

“A dog in the manger” is an idiomatic expression that refers to someone who selfishly prevents others from using or enjoying something, even though they have no use for it themselves. It is often used to describe a person who is spiteful or envious, and who prevents others from having what they themselves do not want or cannot use.


  • “She’s like a dog in the manger, refusing to let anyone else have the job even though she hates it.”
  • “He wouldn’t sell the car to me, but he won’t use it either – he’s just being a dog in the manger.”
  • “She’s not interested in the project herself, but she’s still being a dog in the manger by not allowing anyone else to work on it.”


The expression “a dog in the manger” comes from an old fable about a dog who refused to let a hungry ox eat from a manger of hay, even though the dog had no use for the hay himself. The story dates back to ancient Greek times and was later adapted into a fable by the Latin author Phaedrus in the first century AD.


  • selfish
  • envious
  • spiteful
  • possessive
  • jealous
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