A Hot Potato

Meaning and Usage

“A hot potato” is an idiomatic expression that refers to a controversial or sensitive issue that is difficult to handle or deal with. It can also refer to something that is hard to hold onto, as if it were burning your hands.


  • “The topic of politics can be a hot potato at family gatherings.”
  • “The company’s new policy is a hot potato among the employees.”
  • “The lawsuit is a hot potato that no one wants to touch.”


The exact origin of the phrase “a hot potato” is unclear, but it is believed to date back to the early 1800s. The idiom is thought to have originated from the idea of a potato that has just been taken out of the oven, which is too hot to handle and must be dropped.


  • a controversial issue
  • a sensitive subject
  • a difficult problem
  • a thorny issue
  • a tricky situation
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