Advanced English Idioms

Meaning and Usage

Advanced English idioms are figurative expressions that are commonly used by fluent English speakers. These idioms are often more complex and less commonly known than basic idioms. They can be used to express complex ideas or emotions, and add a level of sophistication to one’s language.


  • “He’s been chasing rainbows trying to find the perfect job.”
  • “I’m feeling under the weather today, so I think I’ll stay home.”
  • “The meeting was a real can of worms, with everyone disagreeing about the best course of action.”


The origins of advanced English idioms can vary widely, as they are often derived from cultural, historical, or literary references. Many advanced idioms can be traced back to Shakespearean language, while others are derived from ancient myths or folktales. Others have more recent origins, originating from popular culture or modern media.


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