An Eye Wash Idiom

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History and Meaning

The idiom “an eye wash” is used to describe something that appears to be good or beneficial on the surface, but is actually deceptive or superficial. It suggests that something is done to create a positive impression or appearance, but does not have any real substance or value.

The term “eye wash” originally referred to a medical treatment where a patient’s eyes were washed with a saline solution to relieve irritation or discomfort. Over time, the term came to be used metaphorically to describe any situation where something was done to make a situation appear better than it actually was.


  • The company’s new sustainability program was just an eye wash, as they continued to engage in harmful practices behind the scenes.
  • The politician’s promises were an eye wash, as they never followed through on any of them.
  • The elaborate decorations at the party were just an eye wash, as the food and entertainment were both subpar.

The “an eye wash” idiom is often used to describe situations where appearances are deceiving or where something is done solely for show or to create a positive impression. It can be used in both formal and informal contexts and is frequently used in discussions of business, politics, and personal relationships.

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