Apple of Discord Idiom

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History and Meaning

The idiom “apple of discord” is used to describe a situation where a dispute or disagreement arises over a particular issue or object. The phrase comes from Greek mythology, where the goddess Eris threw a golden apple inscribed with “to the fairest” at a wedding banquet, leading to a dispute among the goddesses over who deserved the apple.

The “apple of discord” has since become a symbol of any object or issue that causes conflict or discord among people.


  • The issue of who would be promoted to manager was the apple of discord that caused tension among the employees.
  • The disputed border region between the two countries became the apple of discord that led to a war.
  • The decision to divide the inheritance equally among the siblings became the apple of discord that caused a family feud.

The “apple of discord” idiom is often used to describe a contentious issue or situation that creates discord or conflict among people. It can be used in both formal and informal contexts, and is frequently used in discussions of politics, business, and personal relationships.

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