At loggerheads

“At loggerheads” is an idiom that means being in a state of conflict or disagreement with someone. The phrase is believed to have originated from the practice of medieval knights wearing a piece of wood on their heads, called a “loggerhead,” during jousting tournaments to protect themselves from head injuries. If two knights’ loggerheads collided, they would become stuck and unable to move, leading to a stalemate.

Examples of using the idiom “at loggerheads” in a sentence:

  • The two politicians are at loggerheads over the new tax bill.
  • The parents and teachers were at loggerheads about how to discipline the misbehaving student.
  • The union and management are at loggerheads over pay and working conditions.

Overall, the idiom “at loggerheads” is used to describe a situation where two parties are at a stalemate or in a state of conflict, unable to resolve their differences.

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