attractive idioms

Here are some attractive idioms, along with their meanings and examples:

  1. Eye candy – Something or someone that is visually appealing. Example: The decorations at the party were eye candy, with bright colors and sparkling lights.
  2. Catch someone’s eye – To attract someone’s attention. Example: The unique design of the building caught my eye as I walked down the street.
  3. Drop-dead gorgeous – Extremely beautiful or attractive. Example: The actress was drop-dead gorgeous in her elegant gown.
  4. Easy on the eyes – Pleasant to look at or not too difficult to look at. Example: The soft colors of the painting were easy on the eyes and made the room feel more relaxing.
  5. Charm the pants off someone – To be very charming and persuasive in order to get what you want. Example: The salesman was able to charm the pants off the customer and make the sale.
  6. Look like a million bucks – To look very attractive, stylish, or expensive. Example: After getting a new haircut and outfit, she looked like a million bucks.
  7. Beauty is only skin deep – A person’s true worth is not determined by their physical appearance. Example: He realized that beauty is only skin deep and that he should focus on finding someone with a kind heart and good personality.
  8. Knockout – A person or thing that is very attractive or impressive. Example: The model was a knockout, with her stunning looks and confident demeanor.
  9. A sight for sore eyes – Something or someone that is very pleasant to see after a long absence or a difficult situation. Example: After being away on a business trip for a month, his wife was a sight for sore eyes when he returned home.
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