common baby idioms

Sure, here are some common baby idioms along with their meanings and examples:

  1. Throw the baby out with the bathwater: To get rid of something good while trying to get rid of something bad. Example: “We shouldn’t eliminate the entire project just because one aspect of it didn’t work. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”
  2. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth: To be born into a wealthy family. Example: “He’s always been able to afford everything he wants. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”
  3. Crybaby: Someone who complains or cries too much. Example: “Don’t be such a crybaby. It’s just a little rain.”
  4. Baby steps: To make progress gradually and slowly. Example: “I know learning a new language is difficult, but just take it one day at a time and remember to take baby steps.”
  5. Big baby: Someone who acts like a child even though they are an adult. Example: “He’s such a big baby. He can’t handle any criticism without throwing a tantrum.”
  6. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater: Don’t get rid of something valuable while trying to get rid of something else. Example: “I know you’re frustrated with the project, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. We still have some good ideas we can work with.”
  7. Have a baby: To get overly excited or worked up about something. Example: “She had a baby when she found out she got the job she applied for.”
  8. Baby boom: A time period where there is a significant increase in the number of babies born. Example: “After World War II, there was a baby boom in the United States.”
  9. Baby face: Someone who looks much younger than they actually are. Example: “Even though he’s 30, he still gets carded at bars because of his baby face.”
  10. Be left holding the baby: To be responsible for something, often unexpectedly. Example: “My boss left me holding the baby on this project even though it was her idea in the first place.”
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