Basketball Idioms: Common Phrases and Their Meanings

Basketball is a popular sport around the world, and it has also given rise to many idioms and phrases that are commonly used in everyday speech. Here are some of the most common basketball idioms and their meanings:

1. Slam dunk

A “slam dunk” is a powerful, forceful dunk of the basketball into the basket. In everyday speech, it refers to a sure thing or a guaranteed success.

Example: “Getting that promotion was a slam dunk for her.”

2. Hail Mary

A “Hail Mary” is a long, high-arcing pass in basketball that is made in desperation as the clock runs down. In everyday speech, it refers to a last-ditch effort or a desperate attempt to achieve something.

Example: “I know it’s a Hail Mary, but I’m going to apply for that job anyway.”

3. Full court press

A “full court press” is a defensive strategy in basketball where the defense applies pressure to the offense for the entire length of the court. In everyday speech, it refers to an aggressive or intense effort to achieve something.

Example: “We’re going to have to do a full court press if we want to finish this project on time.”

4. Jump ball

A “jump ball” is a method used to start a basketball game where two players jump to try and gain control of the ball. In everyday speech, it refers to a situation where two people or groups are evenly matched.

Example: “It was a real jump ball between those two candidates for the job.”

5. Double dribble

A “double dribble” is a violation in basketball where a player dribbles the ball, stops, and then starts dribbling again. In everyday speech, it refers to someone who is indecisive or can’t make up their mind.

Example: “She’s been double dribbling on whether to take the job or not.”

6. Buzzer beater

A “buzzer beater” is a shot made just before the end of a quarter or game that results in points. In everyday speech, it refers to a last-second effort that results in success.

Example: “I managed to finish the project just in time, it was a real buzzer beater.”


Basketball idioms have become a part of everyday speech and are commonly used to describe situations and experiences

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