Beautiful Love Idioms

1. Head over heels

Meaning: To be deeply in love, especially when it happens suddenly.

Example: “When I met my partner, I fell head over heels in love with them.”

2. Love is blind

Meaning: When you’re in love, you may not see your partner’s faults or flaws.

Example: “I know my partner has some issues, but love is blind and I can’t help how I feel.”

3. Love at first sight

Meaning: When you fall in love with someone the first time you see them.

Example: “I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met my partner. There was an instant connection between us.”

4. Cupid’s arrow

Meaning: When someone falls in love suddenly and passionately, as if they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Example: “I felt like I was hit by Cupid’s arrow when I met my partner. I knew right away that I was in love.”

5. You complete me

Meaning: When someone feels that their partner is their missing piece, and they feel complete when they’re together.

Example: “I never felt complete until I met my partner. They really do complete me.”

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