Black Sheep

Meaning and Usage

“Black sheep” is an idiomatic expression used to refer to a person who is considered to be the odd one out in a family or group. They are often seen as different or deviant from the rest of the group, and may be ostracized or rejected because of this.


  • “He’s the black sheep of the family. While everyone else went into business, he decided to become an artist.”
  • “She’s the black sheep of the team. She’s always challenging the status quo and coming up with new and innovative ideas.”
  • “They see me as the black sheep in the office because I don’t go out for drinks with them after work.”


The phrase “black sheep” is thought to have originated from the fact that black sheep were less valuable than white sheep because their wool could not be dyed. This made them less desirable to farmers, and they were often singled out and treated differently. Over time, the phrase began to be used metaphorically to describe people who were seen as outsiders or different from the norm.


  • outsider
  • misfit
  • rebel
  • nonconformist
  • oddball
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