How do Brits Say Hello?

When visiting a new country, one of the first things you’ll want to know is how to greet the locals. In the UK, there are many different ways to say hello depending on the situation and the person you are greeting. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common ways Brits say hello.

1. “Hello”

The most common and straightforward way to say hello in the UK is simply “hello”. It can be used in almost any situation, whether formal or informal.

Example: “Hello, how are you doing today?”

2. “Hi”

Another common greeting in the UK is “hi”. It’s a more casual greeting that is often used among friends or colleagues.

Example: “Hi, did you have a good weekend?”

3. “Hey”

Similar to “hi”, “hey” is a casual greeting that is commonly used among friends and peers. However, it can also come across as too informal in certain situations, such as when greeting someone in a professional setting.

Example: “Hey, what’s up?”

4. “Alright?”

In some parts of the UK, particularly in England, “alright?” is a common greeting. It’s a more casual and relaxed way of asking how someone is doing.

Example: “Alright? How’s your day been so far?”

5. “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening”

When greeting someone in a more formal setting, it’s common to use “good morning”, “good afternoon”, or “good evening” depending on the time of day. This is often used when greeting colleagues or business partners.

Example: “Good morning, Mr. Smith. It’s good to see you again.”

6. “How do you do?”

This is a very formal and polite way to greet someone, and is usually reserved for the most formal of occasions. It’s often used when meeting someone for the first time in a professional setting.

Example: “How do you do? My name is John Smith. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


In conclusion, there are many different ways to say hello in the UK, ranging from casual to formal depending on the situation. Knowing the appropriate greeting to use can help you make a good first impression and communicate effectively with the locals.

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