Idioms about the Body: Common Expressions in English

Idioms about the Body: Introduction

The English language is full of idiomatic expressions that use the human body as a metaphor. These idioms are used to express different emotions, feelings, and situations, and are an important part of the language. In this article, we will explore some common idioms about the body.

Idioms about the Head

The head is often used in English idioms to express different ideas. Some examples include:

  1. Keep your head up – to stay positive or hopeful
  2. Get something through your head – to understand something clearly
  3. Hit the nail on the head – to be exactly right about something
  4. Be in over your head – to be involved in something that is too difficult or complex

Idioms about the Arms and Hands

The arms and hands are also used in many English idiomatic expressions. Here are some examples:

  1. Give someone a hand – to help someone with something
  2. Have something up your sleeve – to have a secret plan or strategy
  3. Keep your hands tied – to be unable to act or do anything
  4. Throw up your hands – to express frustration or give up on something

Idioms about the Legs and Feet

The legs and feet are also commonly used in idiomatic expressions in English. Some examples include:

  1. Put your foot in your mouth – to say something embarrassing or inappropriate
  2. Break a leg – a way to wish someone good luck, especially in a performance or competition
  3. Stand on your own two feet – to be independent and self-reliant
  4. Get cold feet – to feel nervous or hesitant about something


In conclusion, idioms about the body are a common part of the English language. By using these expressions, native speakers are able to convey complex ideas and emotions in a simple and memorable way. As you continue to learn and practice English, incorporating these idioms into your vocabulary can help you become a more fluent and natural speaker.

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