Idioms Related to Ambition

1. Reach for the stars

This idiom means to aim for a very high goal or aspiration.

2. Shoot for the moon

This idiom means to aim for an extremely high goal or aspiration, even if it seems impossible.

3. Climbing the ladder

To “climb the ladder” means to work hard to advance in one’s career or social status.

4. Have one’s sights set on

To “have one’s sights set on” something means to have a clear and specific goal or ambition.

5. Burning desire

A “burning desire” is an intense and strong ambition or goal.

6. Striving for greatness

To “strive for greatness” means to work hard to achieve great things or reach one’s full potential.

7. The sky’s the limit

This idiom means that there is no limit to what one can achieve or accomplish.

8. Hungry for success

To be “hungry for success” means to have a strong and unrelenting desire to achieve one’s goals.

These idioms related to ambition are commonly used in both formal and informal contexts, and they can add color and variety to your language.

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